May 16, 2009

Scones, Morels, and Picture of the Day

The farmer's market in Madison, Wisconsin, is a great place to people-watch. It's always fun to see someone going the wrong way, probably swearing to themselves about how rude people are. I wonder how long it takes them to realize that they're the only person walking clockwise.

My first stop is usually Sugar River Country Bakery for one of their almond scones. I swear I remember them being 50 cents, and now they're a dollar. Saying that makes me feel old, as in "In my day, a hamburger was a nickel" old (I'm not that old). But they're my weakness; had to have one.

Someone was passing out warm donut type things with powdered sugar on them to advertise a new New Orleans bar/restaurant. Then I topped that off with half of a bison jerky stick. 

There were a lot of morels, and they actually looked pretty good -- not the old dried-out ones you usually see. We are lucky enough to have a free source, which is good since according to farmer's market prices we've consumed hundreds of dollars worth of them in the last week.

Dogs aren't allowed to join the zombie march around the square, except if they're not really a dog.......they're a bundle of cuteness with aviator glasses. Not sure who this guy is, or if he realizes he has an unusual growth, but he didn't mind me taking his picture.


  1. What an adorable picture of your pup. We have morels all around us but we have never been lucky enough to find any.

  2. Can't take credit for the pup. I have no idea who this guy is, but I asked him if I could snap a pic.