May 19, 2009

Lars vs the FURminator

As promised, I'm letting you all know what I think of my new FURminator. For those of you who don't know, this is a "de-shedding tool" that is supposed to REALLY get rid of a lot of hair on your cat or dog so that shedding is reduced. This is good, because we do not have carpeting in our house, and so hair tumbleweeds are extremely obvious on our wood floors.  The stairs is where it really seems to accumulate--I think we may be cultivating new species there.

Anyway, Lars is not the primary suspect in all this, but he is more easy-going than Wilson and likes to be brushed, so he was the first test subject.  You can see from the pix below that he liked being brushed with it, and it removed a lot of hair. Too much, in fact. My vet had warned me not to brush too long in one place, and there's something about that in the instructions too, but I guess I wasn't balancing my brushing time well enough. So poor Lars has a little spot on his shoulder that's pretty sparse, reminding me a little of a sickly possum. But overall, he feels thinner, he looks thinner, and his coat is softer and shinier.  

Now the real challenge will be Wilson. Stay tuned...


  1. Wow. That's a lot of fur! Wonder if it would work on my rabbit... haha. Your cat is very cute by the way! Beautiful, intense eyes.

    Katie Eats Cake

  2. Holy moly, there's enough fur to make a new pet! Lars must be feeling soooo fine now. You can see that look of bliss.

  3. Great photos -- Love the Furminator! We have one for our yellow lab - works great!

  4. Wow! I have a cat that looks just like Lars named Luna. I am shocked to see that much hair!

    Look forward to seeing Wilson!