May 26, 2009

The FURminator, Part II

Last week I posted a review of the FURminator after using it on Lars. I was shocked at how much fur came off of him, since he's not usually the one who sheds. That would be Wilson. He apparently has been genetically-engineered to propel hair up to 12 feet in order to make sure I arrive at work with some on me, despite my best efforts to avoid him in the morning.

He's also a little high-strung, often ornery, sometimes elusive, and always defiant. And he hates to be brushed. So I decided to introduce him gradually and used the FURminator on him for just a couple minutes each day. A week later, I have a pile of hair and a surprisingly tolerant Wilson.

And he's not only tolerating it, but I think he's also liking it!

Lars had to examine my haul. 

So, to sum it up...

Removes a lot of hair
Gentle, well-tolerated
Quality, heavy-duty

Potential for bald spots if you're not careful

I'm pretty picky and generally unimpressed by most products, but this is one that got by me. :)  I'd definitely recommend it!


  1. That is one happy kitty! Imaging how good he feels with all that fur gone! I've used these brushes too and they work great. Your cats are gorgeous by the way :)

  2. Wow, that is a lot of fur. I have six cats and think I need one now. It would eliminate the surprise hair weenies on the sofa, I bet.

  3. You made me realize I really have to do something about my chihuahua´s fur. I just ordered one here in Sweden, hope my little doggie will feel as good :)