August 30, 2009


All permits obtained. Financing received. Perfect weather ordered. 

Hopefully we'll have a basement within a couple weeks!

And a new piece for fall, which is also included in my 25% off sale!

August 25, 2009

Too soon for a Fall sale?

I miss my Mac!!!

Without having access to my beloved Mac, I also do not have access to my beloved iPhoto. So I'm limited in the photos I have at my disposal. That's why I thought I'd let you all know about the sale I'm having in my little shop. My oak leaf items are 25% off!

Your piece will start as a blank sheet of metal and be carefully cut by hand to produce a rustic reminder of fall that you can wear year-round.

August 22, 2009

I'm Back

Wow -- the last few months have been a blur. We sold our house and had to be packed and moved quickly. We didn't have a place to go, so we stayed with various family members. I went through computer withdrawal. I was able to get my studio set back up. There's a possibility we may break ground on our house before the end of the month. That about sums it up!

Actually, it's been quite an adventure and I wish I had regular access to a computer so I could blog daily. Even if no one reads it, I'd really like to be able to look back at this some day and laugh.

The photo above is a little frog I saw one night on the door of my studio. It was dark so I couldn't see him very well. I was surprised when I loaded the photos onto my computer to see that he was looking right back at me. I've leave you with a couple photos of our progress, and a few things I've learned so far:

Coyotes can be extremely loud.
Mud is slippery. Very slippery.
Mice like cashews.
A toaster requires a lot of wattage.
Some days are better than others.