August 22, 2009

I'm Back

Wow -- the last few months have been a blur. We sold our house and had to be packed and moved quickly. We didn't have a place to go, so we stayed with various family members. I went through computer withdrawal. I was able to get my studio set back up. There's a possibility we may break ground on our house before the end of the month. That about sums it up!

Actually, it's been quite an adventure and I wish I had regular access to a computer so I could blog daily. Even if no one reads it, I'd really like to be able to look back at this some day and laugh.

The photo above is a little frog I saw one night on the door of my studio. It was dark so I couldn't see him very well. I was surprised when I loaded the photos onto my computer to see that he was looking right back at me. I've leave you with a couple photos of our progress, and a few things I've learned so far:

Coyotes can be extremely loud.
Mud is slippery. Very slippery.
Mice like cashews.
A toaster requires a lot of wattage.
Some days are better than others.


  1. Erin, I can identify. Does the wattage quote mean you guys are on solar? My internet visits are determined by how many hours of sun we get per day. It is a good adventure you are on, have fun.

  2. No, but that would be cool. We've been spending a lot of nights in our camper and use a generator if we want light. Or a fan. Or toast. :) Normally we try to want all these things at once so we don't have to run the generator for too long! That means we have to be careful about how many things we're running off of it at a time. And I was surprised how much juice a toaster needs!

  3. life is tuff without the net :)

  4. Wow, what an adventure. Good luck. I'm sure you're making memories which will be with you for years to come. The picture of the frog is GREAT!