April 3, 2009


Thank you to slinkymalinkicat for including me in her treasury today!

I just listed the trio of rings on April Fool's Day. I was very happy with how the set turned out. When using Liver of Sulphur as a patina on sterling silver, the results can sometimes be unpredictable. The largest one has been brushed after the patina to show off its texture. I left one of the bands very dark, but polished it just a little bit with a brass brush. The third band has the brushed texture I've grown fond of, and I left it for a very short time in the solution, resulting in a lovely chocolate, almost iridescent color. The silver sphere on that one I polished to a shine.

Don't forget to check out slinkymalinkicat's shop - she has some fabulous vintage prints!

P.S. To those fluent in Spanish, please correct me on my title so I can change it. I think it should be Tres Bolas??


  1. Beautiful work! It deserves to be in a treasury.

  2. Beautiful ring and a super treasury...congratulations.

  3. A big congrats on the treasury feature :)