April 19, 2009


The peonies are pushing their way through last year's remnants.

I love watching all of the perennials come up. I think about how old these peony bushes might be. My guess is they are easily 50 years old; they could potentially be 100 years old, outliving the person who planted and tended them.

Take a closer look at the second and third photos. Do you see it?

He's very well-camouflaged! The leaves give you a little bit of a scale, but it's still hard to tell from the photos how small he is. He would have fit in my hand. I think a rogue cat riled up a nest, and they scattered throughout our yard. Funny how the cute little baby makes me smile, but the grown, garden-eating one doesn't.

My husband chased the cat out of our yard -- I don't know if his hunt was successful or not.  

Life is fragile. Life can change in an instant. Live every day.


  1. Little bunnies are so cute...great shot of him.

  2. That bunny is adorable.

    My mom passed away four years ago. I enjoy going to her house this time of year and watching her iris bloom. It is just like what you said, they outlived the person who planted them. I still get joy from looking at them every year because it reminds me of how much she loved them.

  3. Sweet bunny. You have so much wonderful wildlife in your area. Great photos.