April 8, 2009

Madison WI ISTHMUS Online Feature

I'm featured on the ISTHMUS website today!  Thank you to Megan Larson for her kind words....a little sample below, or click here for the whole story.

Erin Bowe makes her jewelry look effortless, a true mark of talent. A quick peek into her Etsy Artisan Jewelry shop reveals a collection of beautiful and unique jewelry. A longer look reveals an artist that is truly dedicated to her craft.

Each piece is handmade, whether it is sawn, forged or pierced, with meticulous attention to detail. Her Goddess necklace reveals the many layers of care and effort put into her jewelry. Bowe has textured the copper, hand-sawn the design and completed the pendant with a lovely old-world patina. I love that the surrounding shape is square, making it feel even more unusual.

If you have an interest in trying your hand at making jewelry, Bowe also sells handmade supplies through Fundamental Fragments, an Etsy shop with the same attention to detail as her eponymous boutique. Read more about Bowe and her jewelry on her blog, and see her in person at an Etsy Trunk Show being held at Thorps Barbershop from 5-9 p.m. on Friday, April 17.


  1. Great article! Congrats on the feature - it's well deserved :)

  2. Congrats on the feature!You have some really great pieces!