March 9, 2009

During and After

So here was what the bathroom looked like when we moved in:

The wallpaper actually wasn't too hard to get off -- super heavy-duty stuff that just came off in big sheets.  I'm pretty sure that was the only part of our entire house remodel that was easy.

As you can see, it was a lovely shade of pink underneath.  And seeing how there was only a bathtub.... this next pic
 you can see our lovely solution to that -- it was quite interesting, but it worked. And it was only supposed to be temporary.

Eventually, we rented a dumpster and gutted the whole thing.  Since we were living in the house at the time, we sealed off the door with tape to try to keep the dust out of the rest of the house.  We filled up buckets with plaster and lathe, crawled half-way out the window, grabbed the bucket, and climbed down a short ladder to the ground. The bathroom is on the first floor, but the window was high enough off the ground to make the whole process very difficult (not to mention extremely amusing to our neighbors).  Oh, and did I mention there was quite a bit of snow/mud/slush on the ground too?

You might be wondering why the room is completely gutted, but our shower curtain contraption is still up.  Yeah....this was our only bathroom, so we needed to continue using it!  If the room looks a little bigger, it's because we tore down a wall to combine the old bathroom with a closet and old stairwell behind it.

In this photo you can see that we installed the new bathtub where the old closet had been, and the new closet is framed in.

Yay! Old tub getting removed and original wood flooring pulled up to save for another purpose.

Fast-forward quite a bit, and we have it almost completed in the next photo. Just need to put doors on the laundry area. You might notice our cabinet has a big crack in it. That's called character. :) We bought an antique cupboard and dropped a sink into it for our vanity. The overhead light fixture is also vintage.

This was all several years ago.  Just recently we decided to put our house on the market (you know, because it's such a good time to sell :), so we made some revisions.  We replaced the vanity and light fixture so that we could use the antique ones when we build our new house.  So the last photo is our official "after" pic I guess. This also shows some of the original oak woodwork that we removed, refinished, and put back up. Overall, we were pretty happy with how it turned out, especially considering its humble beginnings.


  1. Wow! Transformation award is yours! So nice!

  2. That's aglorious amount of work! Looks great!

  3. Parece increible!! It is amazing! very beautiful, modern and glamorous!