March 4, 2009


We bought our house "as-is." Besides personal items being removed, everything else was left in the house...from the towels in the bathroom to the can of coffee in the frig. Here is what the kitchen and bathroom looked like when we moved in:
Wow, right? Which do you like better, the carpet in the kitchen or the wallpaper in the bathroom?   


  1. Um - wow!! Actually the paper in the bathroom looks like what was on the walls in the boys bedroom when we moved into our house! Under the wall paper we found 2 walls of really bright pink paint and two walls that had been painted a really bright green. Now the walls are blue and white.

  2. Carpet in the kitchen really grosses me out!! The wallpaper is almost in style again :)

    I would love to see your after pictures. We also bought a house 'as is'...we had Spirit of '76 curtains and shag carpet! We also had what we call a Kung Poo stain on the hamper door :{

  3. Oh, and it's hard to tell, but there is carpet in the bathroom as well!

    I'll be posting DURING and AFTER pix soon!

  4. This house is either soooooo retro hip that it's cool or a huge could very well just sit tight and tell people you intended it this way. You must must must post your progress pictures. This is going to be fun!


  5. Ouch! I think the carpet in the kitchen freaks me out the most.

  6. What a challenging project! I can't wait to see the During and after pix!

    Good luck with the remodelling!!

  7. Wow is right! Lots of work, but I love that kind of thing. Hope you show some after pictures!