January 6, 2009

It's not a coffee maker...

...it's a "brewing system."

So my husband was the recipient of a Keurig Mini Brewing System this Christmas, and we are now eagerly awaiting our shipment of K-Cups (since the 10 that were included were gone in 3 days).

Initially I was rolling my eyes about this whole thing -- we don't drink a whole lot of coffee, I don't like clutter, I'm not really a gadget person, blah, blah, blah. Well then he shows me how to use it. Ya know, just in case I get tired of rolling my eyes and want a cup of coffee.

And now I have to admit that, yes, it is a neat little toy. I will spare you the actual details of the brewing, but if you're interested, you can find them here. It's all very exciting.

When we went to their Web site to order more K-Cups, they were sold out of their variety packs, but it did give me the opportunity to see that it's not just a coffee maker, it's an empire. Good lord. You can get a Keurig Milk Frother, a K-Cup carousel, a travel bag so you can take your "brewing system" anywhere, etc., etc.! Oh, and don't forget to join the Coffee Club.

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  1. I received one last Christmas and love it! We would throw away more coffee than we drank but not anymore. The refillable filter is wonderful to have also.